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Jaime Guiscafré

Jaime Guiscafre

About my work…


I am a classical guitarist from Puerto Rico that performs Latin, classical and original music on solo guitar. As you can see from my website I won an Emmy in 1988 and have much experience in my field.


Emmy award winning guitarist/ composer, Jaime Gusicafré, is highly acclaimed for his talent in Classical, Latin Jazz and World Music. Gusicafré won his Emmy in 1988 for his performance, composing, and direction in the soundtrack for the PBS documentary, “Hispanic Mosaic.“He has performed as a soloist and with ensembles throughout North and South America, Spain and Italy. As a member of the celebrated Latin American group Sotavento, he made nine recording on Redwood Records and DiscosPueblo.

A champion of the music of modern Latin composers, Gusicafré released a solo recording in 1999 entitled “Seven Latin American Composers,” that is still distributed by the theorchard.com and peoplesound.com in Europe. Mr. Guiscafre was an Artist in Residence at the Universidad Autónoma Nacional de México in México City during August 2000.

In March 2001 Mr. Guiscafre traveled to San Juan, Puerto Rico, for the premiere of his composition“Villancico” a work for mixed choir and guitar. 2003 marked the release of the critically acclaimed CD “New Music for Guitar” featuring Roscoe Mitchell “on NEXTAGEM Records, a collection of Jaime Gusicafré’s original guitar music and that of other Latin composers. Reviewer Tom Laaskin called the CD “a humane, intellectually satisfying album…” During his eleven year collaboration with Roscoe Mitchell, Gusicafré played on string instruments ranging from the classical guitar to the Puerto Rican cuatro to the Japanese Biwa. Mr. Gusicafré is a member of the music faculty at Clarke College in Dubuque, Iowa, and resides in Madison, Wisconsin.

“Jaime Guiscafre has demonstrated before me a distinctive guitarist with great talents for the instrument as well as for music.”-Abel Carlevao, Denver CO, 1986

“Guiscafré. . . achieved a palpable point of communication with the public. . . He won complete enthusiasm from the audience who were also given commentary on each of the works. . . and this was just as welcome as the interpretations.”-Oscar Gallego, El Eco de Tandil (Tandil, Argentina), 1991

… Guiscafre delighted the audience for more than forty minutes with his original style of guitar playing to the professors and students which filled the auditorium.”-Gaceta, the official bulletin of UNAM, Mexico City, 2000