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Magda Bowen

Magda Bowen

About my work…



My family migrated to Texas from Chihuahua, Mexico when I was a young girl. I became interested in art at a very early age. As a child I would spend long hours drawing, lost in my own little world. I earned a degree in commercial art in the early 90’s and started painting with acrylics while between jobs.

I start by sketching an idea on canvas with paint then I go from there. Sometimes my project goes as I see it in my mind and other times it seems to evolve on its own. My subject matter varies from portraits to day of the dead. My in patience drew me to work with acrylics because they dry faster than oils. I have been working with this medium since 1996 and I may be open to the idea of working with oils in the near future. Artists Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, Vincent Van Gogh, and Paul Gauguin influence my work. My pieces have been published in “Chicano Art For Our Millennium” 2004 and “Triumph Of Our Communities” 2005 Bilingual Press. I was also featured in New Mexico Magazine November 2009 issue.

Although my subject matter varies, the choice of color always expresses my Mexican heritage. My paintings are “work in progress”. As an artist, I feel my pieces are never finished. I always see flaws in my art, but I stop working on a particular piece when I get a true feeling of accomplishment. I choose to display “my work in progress” as is, with all its defects. My art is an extension of who I am.

My favorite color is yellow, because it reminds me of sunshine, a smile or a warm hug. My compositions include cool colors that give a feel of somberness and are balanced by adding yellow hues.

Magda Bowen
Magda Bowen
Magda Bowen