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2016 Latino Art Fair Raffle

Works featured in the Raffle are donated by artists participating in the Art Fair and will be raffled off the night of the event.

Who benefits from the Raffle?

1) Latino Chamber of Commerce – Proceeds from the Raffle support the LCC’s mission to assist and promote the interests of Latino businesses and the Latino community through advocacy and programs that make an overall impact to Dane County’s economic growth.

2) The Artists – Fairgoers like to have fun, often making the Raffle table their first stop as it provides them with a chance to take home a piece of art work. All donated works of art will be labeled with the artist’s name and booth number, so customers will easily be able to find them. This truly is a great way to, not only help the Chamber, but also have a great second location at the fair for artists to showcase their work and direct people to their booth.

LCC thanks the artists who have already donated artwork to the Raffle. We know the Raffle will be a success for the Chamber and the Latino Art Fair.

Raffle items are listed below:

Donated by: Magda Bowen

Title: Diego was no Prince

Description: 5”×8” autographed print on 8.5”×11” black mat

Medium: Painting

Value: $20.00

Jaime Guiscafre

Donated by: Jaime Guiscafré

Title: 7 Latin American Composers CD

Description: A CD compilation of classical guitar music from Latin America by several composers and performed by 1988 Emmy award winner, Jaime Guiscafré. The recording includes the music of Julio Sagreras, which is recorded for the first time, and it also includes original guitar music by Mr. Guiscafré. Classical guitar music from Argentina, Mexico, and Puerto Rico are featured.

Medium: Classic Guitar

Value: $15.00

Donated by: Tanay Rivera

Title: Fluttered Life

Description: 3 strand choker with silver, gold and crystal beads, Turquoise skull pendant w/ fresh water tear drop

Medium: Jewelry

Value: $40.00

Donated by: Claudia Santos

Title: Mi Comunidad

Description: 24”× 18” canvas, acrylic paint.

Medium: Painting

Value: $200.00


Donated by: Jeremy Nacewicz

Title: Sunset Heart

Description: handmade borosilicate glass pendant – tones of red with amber and violet

Medium: Glassblowing

Value: $30.00

Spoon holder w/ wood spatula

Donated by: Joey Reyes

Title: Bowls

Description: Four Small Ceramic Bowls

Medium: Pottery

Value: $40.00

Donated by: August Crass

Title: Shaggy Ink Cap

Description: A cottonwood bark carving of a gentleman with a shaggy mustache and a mushroom cap.

Medium: Wood Carving

Value: $68.00

Donated by: Ashley Robertson

Title: Chicago

Description: 8”x 10”(unframed); Acrylic and Watercolor on Paper.

Medium: Drawing/Painting

Value: $400.00

Donated by: Eder Valle

Title: Amor en Rosas

Description: A hand sculpted watermelon conveying love and passion.

Medium: Fruit Carving


Donated by: Grecia Loaiza Duque

Title: Dangle Earrings

Description: Hammered copper wire earrings.

Medium: Jewelry

Value: $26.00

Donated by: Verónica Lazo

Title: The golden hand

Description: acrylic on canvas. 16 × 20 “Is not the chicken who carved the golden egg, but the hands who nurtured the chicken.

Medium: Painting

Value: $80.00

Donated by: Marina Olivencia

Title: Chartreuse

Description: scarf, 63% silk, 37% wool with botanical prints. 8×54 inches.

Medium: Textiles

Value: $36.00